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25 man raiding Point system (BETA)

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25 man raiding Point system (BETA) Empty 25 man raiding Point system (BETA)

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2008 11:43 am

================================="Dungeon Point" System=================================

Dungeon points are spent during the raid to buy items that drop off bosses. It's a system designed to ensure fair
looting, and a decent share of all items whilst the raid takes place. Below are the ways you can get points during the raid.

-1: Arriving for the raid and on time (Give or take 5 minutes) you receive 1 point.
-2: For every hour spent in the instance you receive 1 point.
-3: When passing on an item during the need roll, 1 point.

How to spend your points? Your points are a way of outbidding other need rollers on an item you want. Picture for a second
an auction house where two bidders are furiously engaged in a battle to win a victorian teapot (*shrugs*) Mr A Has 4 points, and Mr B has 5. Mr A wants the item no matter what happens! And so he calls a bid at one point. Mr B wouldn't mind having the item but he's seen better around, so he raises the bid to two. Mr A desperately wants to win the bid and calls in a 4! (Spending all his points on this item) Mr A wants to keep his points for the later bosses and decides to let Mr A take the item. Mr A is left with no points but wins the item, Mr B keeps his 5 points and spends them later on a l70etc T-shirt.

Special note 1: Points are reset after a raid is completed and cannot be carried through.
Special note 2: If only one person needs an item he need not spend his points to purchase it.

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25 man raiding Point system (BETA) Empty Problem

Post  Leviate on Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:12 am

I donīt think that system really works for 10man... Though itīs much more needed on 25man.


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